That’s great! Now, Google Chrome lets you read articles even when there is no Internet

Google Chrome has begun implementing one of the features that were immensely talked about during the Google for India event a few months back. Targeted at the emerging markets including India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil, and other 100 markets, Google Chrome’s new feature automatically saves articles and feeds when the phone is connected to Wi-Fi and makes them available later in the absence of Internet.

The new feature is now live on the Google Chrome for Android app in the aforementioned countries. “When you’re connected to free, unmetered WiFi, Chrome will automatically download relevant articles, based on what content is most popular in your location,” says Amanda Boss, Product Manager, Offline Chrome for Android, in a press release. Based on the browsing history, these articles will be available to the user if he/she signed into Chrome.

The downloaded content will be available, despite the sketchy Internet connectivity in your area, says Boss. “Chrome on Android is automatically downloaded content is available alongside all of your downloaded content.” The new feature is available as a part of the new update. Users can head to Google Play store and download the update.

The Google Chrome Downloads tab was introduced last year. It also received the ability to download and manage offline pages for later viewing. Google has been improvising this feature, as well as, many others on its Chrome browser.


Source by financialexpress